KING IN BLACK #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics

This December, Knull’s conquest of the Marvel Universe kicks off in KING IN BLACK #1, the latest chapter in Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s redefining run on …



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  1. I hope they don't kill Knull and let him live in the universe. He is one of the greatest supervillians i seen this far, i mean he is the cause of Gorr the god butcher and war of the realms because he created the nekrosword. He is oder than the marvel universe itselfe and has given venom and all the symbiotes one of the coolest and interesting stories ever, Himselfe is a really interesting being, just sleeping in Pence in his darkness until all the other gods invaded his realm, he Was just protecting it

  2. We need Spider-Man vs knull the avatar of web of life vs knull god of darkness and symbiots go all out and see Spider-Man use the necro sword and see a cool amp spider man

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