Joker Easter Eggs – Ending Scene and Batman References Breakdown

Joker Easter Eggs, Joker Ending Scene. Joker Batman References Explained. Joaquin Phoenix Joker Batman Dark Knight Easter Eggs and Batman Scene …



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  1. Favorite Joker moment was from the Jack Nicholson version of Joker, "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?" Such an odd line, but one only Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton can deliver.

  2. The scene when Joker is arrested and taken in a police car. It's also a reference to Heath Ledger's Joker In Dark Knight.
    What I like most of this scene, is that is a Mirror Image from the Dark Knight movie. And not only visually mirrored:

    In Dark Knight, the Joker is in a left side passenger seat, with an open window. He is escaping, his head is out of the car, feeling the wind, feeling free.
    In the Joker movie, he is in a right side passenger seat, inside the car with a closed window. He was just arrested, he looks sadly through the window. I could imagine Heath Ledger's Joker car passing by Phoenix's car (they'd face each other) and ask him "Why so serious?".

  3. The little things such as the old logo really make this seem like a lot of attention to detail was added to give the film an overall "vibe". It's of course got Scorsase all over it, but it also has a real dirty, 80's feel to it that is it's own little genre.

  4. Number 4: Arthur stalking the Woman in the beginning of the movie, is a reference to me 4 years ago after my wife Sarah left me. Pls respond to my text Sarah. Number 5… – Emergency Awesome

  5. Spoiler

    I think DC should've started their universe with this. It would've given Snyder a much better leg to stand on to create a darker tone in the DCEU. Since it's 1981, it would be cool if he had a cameo in Wonder Woman 1984. I mean I can still wish…

  6. *Spoiler- Travis Bickle is Arthur Flecks real dad ( Travis knocks Arthurs mom up in the early 60s, goes to Vietnam in the late 60s and returns to NYC in the early 70s) Arthur, not knowing his dad is led to believe the rich and powerful man Thomas Wayne is his real dad by his nutso mom in the early 80s NYC instead of the psycho taxi driver- BAM!

  7. My favorite part was when he was having a made up convo with the girl and dancing and shoots the guy who is not a good dancer lmao idk why.
    “oh you think I’m a very good dancer? Haha I know…but he is not (pow)” 💀

  8. SPOILER Hey Charlie-when Joker goes to Arkham to look for his mother’s file, the administrator tells him Dr. Benjamin Stoner treated Penny Fleck. Stoner was the head doctor at Arkham and later became “Anti-Fate”..
    Also, the license plate on the police car driving Joker to jail is 9189 which I believe is a reference to June 19th 1989-the release date for “Batman”.

  9. Saw it for the second time yesterday. What a remarkable film and performance by Joaquin Phoenix👍👍
    My favorite Joker moment was when he’s dancing on the stairs to Gary Glitter. Just a fantastic sequence that tells the audience the transformation is complete; Arthur Fleck is dead, the Joker is in control now🤡

  10. I loved the movie. I didn't think I would like it and I wasn't planning on watching it. But when I learned about it's connection to Taxi Driver I had to see it. Great movie and Amazing portrayal of the Joker and the fall of mentality down the rabbit hole. Just watching him grow and progress further. How poorly society is falling in those times. This is my favorite DC movie. I love the campy fun movies more too. This is the creme de la creme for me. I have always been a Joker fan and this fits with the comics and psychosis so well. Thank You Jouaquin and Todd

  11. spoiler at the end…just watched joker earlier today. not sure what the media was getting on about. didn't see any correlation between the joker and inciting riots. if anything this movie was more about mental health. my favorite part was when they showed that he was imagining his time spent with his GF. wasn't expecting that. that was like the last straw that sent him down into the abyss

  12. Right after the film I was wondering WHY Philips choose "White Room" by Cream in the riot scene. It made no sense to me. Until this morning. White. Room. This scene definitely happens in his head, while he is in the asylum.

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