did Iron Man tell us exactly who the next avengers 5 villain would be during avengers endgame? There are two huge easter eggs, the appearance of the could …



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  1. Yo- lemme check myself real quick (and I realized it on listen back) Franklin Richards is Reed Richards son, Nate is actually a distant relative. And yes, Nate is also the name of Reed Richards father, but also perhaps the relative that becomes Kang (immortus) as well. Sorry for the switch there, at least it proves I don't script these videos. Doesn't change how theory would work cause it wouldn't be him either way, but no excuses, play like a champ. So many Richards, but none compare to Franklin Richards- who is as omega level a character as there is. Peace, Love, Spider-Man. -MR

  2. I'd like to believe that the main villain of the upcoming Avengers movies is none other than Thanos. Maybe he has created a time loop or some backdoor or something. He had all the infinity stones all to himself. He could've done ANYTHING he wanted.

  3. Kang The Conquerer is tooo powerful for the MCU. He literally lives at the end of time….LITERALLY where nothing exists. Who's going to be beat him….I'll wait… up on him. Not your average villian.

  4. The title is kinda clickbaity. He didn’t name crap. He just said something along the lines of “time messes back” he didn’t name anyone. Also he was quite obviously talking about 2014 Thanos going forward in time to present day to try and beat the Avengers.

  5. It seems like Marvel’s ramping up to a young avengers movie or tv show too, and Kang’s been a recurring presence in their storylines too.
    On an outside bet, they might do something way out there like develop an Exiles project, and go full on timey-wimey, for which Kang/Iron Lad would be a good fit too.

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