How The Spawn Movie Referenced The Comics.

Have you gotten enough of Spawn yet? In this video I point out some of the references or easter eggs in the live action Spawn movie. SUBSCRIBE: …



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  1. Glad you mentioned Angela, i had no idea who she was meant to be as the spawn film was my first exposure to spawn, i only knew her as "the woman who's shown on the back of the film case but i never spotted anywhere in the film" so it's good all these years later to know who she was!

  2. At that time, Spawn was one of the more on brand comic book movies.

    Maybe even closer to the source material than Batman or Superman. I’d have loved to have seen the same creative team and cast do another one or had they done a hard R instead of PG13, maybe the dated effects wouldnt be seen as such a joke.
    Its a real what could have been.

    That Alan Moore Violator solo book speech, damn good stuff. What a great speech.

  3. Hey Tony, I've only recently subscribed to you but seen you on the fringe of the Cinemassacre (as I'm sure most have) and liked your style, but I too was (for lack of a better word) put off but all the fake parody stuff, so I'm glad you did something with your passion in it as that is was attracted me to your show in the first place. Don't change anything, but I do like theses genuine inspired pieces up. You're a dude.

  4. I'm kinda shocked Vibrator wasn't used as a potential enemy for Angela. I dunno…, this film even to a 9 year old me felt dumb and silly, that being said I think a reboot could work as announced by BlumHouse. But Todd wants to direct, who has no experience, instantly reminding me of The Spirit with Frank Miller and what a trainwreck that was.

    Keep him away and get someone like Mike Flanagan or Jeff Wadlow, anyone but him.

  5. The Spawn movie was very disappointing to me. I grabbed issue 1 of the comic when it was first released. Nothing prepared me for the storyline that would unfold or McFarland’s art style. I will never understand why they choose a generic revenge plot, sprinkled with cameos from the comics. If you put the character in the film, use them, the story would be so much more interesting. Also, I don’t care how infant CGI was in the mid 90’s, there was plenty of traditional practical and green screen techniques that the visual effects shouldn’t have looked like shit. (Tip my hat to the makeup artist, spot on.) Chapel was a creation of Rob Liefeld, and at the time there was internal turmoil that negated the use of the character. (The 2014 documentary The Image Revolution sheds a lot of light on the subject.) I guess this was a long way of me saying, I think the movie was shit, a real letdown, but your review was great.

  6. i never read the spawn comics i did glace them over but i was kind of more
    into dark horse comics back then like Vampire hunter d so i bought those instead
    i should have given them a try – i still can and will xD

  7. I just wish back in the 90s or in the late 2000s They made live action movies for Captain Planet,Gen 13,Gen 13,Freakazoid(Dexter Douglas),Animaniacs, tiny Toons adventures ,Savage Dragon or Gargoyles !

  8. The Spawn comics include gratuitous violence, images of Satan and Hell, and the degradation of women.
    Where are Youth Minister Harold and SJW Larry Croft when you need them?

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