How Strong Is Doomsday!? (DC Comics)

How Strong Is Doomsday? Although not a classic DC character, Doomsday has gotten recognition time and time again for being an absolute monster.



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  2. People, read the comic. There was no toe to toe. Dam dude, can you speak specifically and adlib and emphasize. New youngsters who have not read will take your word and just go with that without even reading. Then argue with me and other people who actually read the freaking comics

  3. technically Darkseid should be able to defeat doomsday… we all know Darkseid is always handicapped. I mean the omega force can destroy life on the molecular level and he can banish people into a void like dimension where he controls space and time.

  4. Doomsday vs scp 193 doomsday vs Galactus doomsday vs Dr Manhattan doomsday vs scp 096 doomsday vs hulk doomsday vs Thanos doomsday vs captain marvel doomsday vs super shiron doomsday vs Goku doomsday vs one punch man these are the ones I wanna see

  5. Writers really have abused the character after the initial comics. What a great concept, he is like a living meteor/asteroid. Writers can't just leave well enough alone.

  6. A creature have no nerves system and no matter how many times you kill him he keep coming back from the dead and not only this you cannot kill him twice with the same attack, you will run out of options. because he is DOOMSDAY.

  7. the original doomsday is the most powerful given he is actually still around in the new 52 and my favorite DC villain as he actually kills superman. he was not in a coma superman was deader than dead his heart stopped beating and bearly arrived at the rebirthing chamber in time to be brought back to life.

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