How Miles Morales Takes Over As Spider-Man

Langston Belton shares how Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man and takes over for Peter Parker. ▻ Subscribe to Marvel: Follow Marvel on …



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  1. Can I just say even before Spider-verse and Spider-man PS4, Miles Morales has always been my second favourite Spider-man (that's saying something considering how many spidermen there are)? His character has always resonated with me, not just because both he and I are black/bi-racial, but because he was a new spiderman with a new style and an art-like feel to him, especially coming from an amateur illustrator.

    I love the character and so proud my boy is getting his own game.

  2. Peter, Miles, and Otto are my 3 favorite Spider-Men. I love the other webheads too but those 3 are my favs for taking on the mantle of Spider-Man. Miles should take up the mantle fully sometime after Amazing Spider-Man 1000. I love having both fight crime at the same time, but I would like Peter to get to have a Happily Ever after ending. A real one. He could be like Jay Garrick (The original Flash) from DC. He is kinda like a retired hero who still helps out when he is needed. I don't feel like Peter needs to die. Just give him the Happy ending most heroes don't get.

  3. Well miles is one of my favorite spidey but the amazing spiderman always be the best anything you say he will always be the original spiderman even a lot of you guy's think his nothing but think about it his the spiderman stan lee created stan didn't created Miles Morales he didn't even created those author version's of spidey you see in movies and some tv shows he created the legendary spiderman the amazing spiderman

  4. I remember watching a spider man show and when they showed miles i was very interested in him so i went to youtube and he was my 1. Favorite spider man And also PLEASE MAKE MORE COMICS OF MILES MAYBE ONE WHERE MILES AND PETER FIGHT THE SINSTER SIX OR SOME VILLAIN

  5. Yep that's preaty much it, but I would also love if Marvel returns Miles back to the Ultimate universe (Earth-1610) and continue where they left off in MM: The Ultimate Spider-Man #12.

  6. This barely told anything lol, that spider that bit miles was pretty unique from osborn, and that his dad was a shield agent, and that his mom died, and that he gave a burger to that dude who merged the universes.

  7. He took over because of unoriginality. Changing the skin color doesn't make him adm different spider man….he exactly what you expect him to be. they could've made a new hero that's interesting but no….they just went the lazy route

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