Gillian Jacobs & The Art of Directing | Marvel's Storyboards

Gillian Jacobs and Joe Quesada browse L.A.’s Book Soup, chatting about everything from her being cast on “Community” to her newfound love of directing.



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  1. Hey you stupid filmmakers don't replace Thor with Jane Foster, she is an idiot. Stop it with the feminism already, which way are you going? You're making everyone worthy of lifting Mjolnir, and you're killing Tony, making Cap old, making Thor fat, you're killing Black Widow, degrading Hulk, and who knows what other bombshells you'll drop in 2022 with Thor: Love and Thunder? Seriously guys, stop ruining your own fanbase, what are you doing to the og Avengers? Anyway it's 2 a.m., my fingers have blisters on them by typing, but don't ruin the Avengers!

    Here are some suggestions:
    – bring back Loki
    – make Cap young
    – end Jane Foster
    – give Thor a six pack
    – stop feminism
    – and above all, make your movies better! 😡

  2. AAHHHHGGG!! I live in LA close to Golden Apple & Pink's and it's So beautiful today!! I want to go there today with my girl!! No one is wearing masks, when was this taped?!?! AAAHHGGGGHH!! 😭😤😠

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