Ghost-Spider (Gwen Stacy) | Marvel 101

On Earth-65, Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. This week on Marvel 101, our girl Gwen is taking on great power, great …



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  1. here’s a way marvel can bring back the dusted avengers all the avengers that had suits made of metel can be bringed back cause those metel suits are actually made of vibranium so wakanda has the power too bring them back with some weird magic but i say the blackpanther and king of wakanda has too die for that to happen cause the blackpanther has the powrs too bring them back the avengers that were dusted and that can be revived i say should be spiderman tonystark cause tony has secretly been stealing vibranium from wakanda and spidermans suit is made of vibranium but tony didn’t know how too make the suit activate bullet froof mode and spidermans suit the one in captain america civel war but wakanda didn’t know tony stark was stealing vibranium from wakanda

  2. Did they even read the comics before making this vid? So many of the statements are inaccurate.

    -Ghost-Spider does kill Peter Parker and went to jail over it. She wasn't "wrongly blamed".
    -The other spider-heroes definitely know that Ghost-Spider is a Gwen Stacy.
    -Captain Stacy discovers her identity in the very first issue. They're pretty open with each other.
    -Gwen stayed bonded to Venom and has relied on it for half of all her solo comics. Her old powers were lost permanently, not temporarily, and her new mini-series is even called Gwenom vs Carnage.
    -The world definitely knows about her deeds because Gwen publicly revealed her identity and went on trial.

  3. Marvel Comics just did a horrible thing to Gwen on Amazing Spider-Man issue #850! Super creepy and disgusting!


    I thought Gwen of Earth 65 is a cool character and one of the coolest younger character on Marvel. It's unthinkable why Marvel Comics agree to that horrible thing.

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