Every MCU Villain Ranked Worst To Best

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  1. For some reasons I like Thanos. I see some greatness within him. I cannot even call him a villain. He is so much more than that. I even believe that even he could show true friendship and love toward someone.

  2. Malekith is SOOO MUCH MORE than what was seen of him in the movies! In the comics, he's charismatic , Charming & enjoys being a Thorn in Thor's side! Should the MCU ever bring him back since the infinity stone Affair being lopsided! Let's hope he's in his true personality, because that jar of mayonnaise planning Malekith was horrible and I'm not blaming the actor who played him!

  3. Kurse Thor the dark world
    Laufy Thor the dark world
    Brandt and Savin iron-man 3
    The scorpion spider-man homecoming
    Batroc the leaper captain America the first avenger
    The shockers Jackson Bryce 1st shocker Herman Shultz 2nd shocker spider-man homecoming
    Baron von strucker avengers age of ultron
    The destroyer Thor
    Justin hammer iron-man 2
    General Thaddeus thunderbolt Ross the Incredible Hulk
    Abomination the Incredible Hulk
    Malekith Thor the dark world
    Taserface gurdians of the galaxy vol. 2
    Wiplash iron-man 2
    Raza leader of the ten rings iron- man
    Korath the purser guardians of the galaxy
    Ulysses klaw avengers age of ultron and black panther
    Sonny birch ant-man and the wasp
    The tinkerer spider-man homecoming
    The prowler spider-man homecoming
    Ayesha guardians of the galaxy vol. 2
    Chitauri avengers
    Arnim Zola captain America the first avenger
    The black order ebony maw kull obsidian Corvus glaze proximal midnight avengers infinity war
    Ronan the accuser gurdians of the galaxy
    Yellow jacket ant-man
    Ghost ant-man and the wasp
    Surtur thor ragnarok
    The mandarin Trevor slatory iron-man 3
    Red skull captain America the first avenger
    Kaecilius dr strange
    Cross bones captain America cilvil war
    Dormammu dr strange
    Alexander pierce captain America winter soldier
    Aldrich killian iron-man 3
    The grandmaster Thor ragnarok
    Iron monger iron-man
    Ultron avengers age of ultron
    Helmut Zemo or baron zemo captain America civil war
    Ego gurdians of the galaxy vol.2
    The vulture spider-man homecoming
    Hela Thor ragnarok
    Killmonger black panther
    Loki the avengers
    Thanos avengers infinity war

  4. I just don't get why Marvel casts so good Actors like: Christopher Eccleston, Mads Mikkelson, Lee Pace, Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving, Jeff Bridges, Mickey Rouke when they just don't let them fully act on their potential.

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