Eternals Rumored to Introduce X-Men into the MCU – Avengers & Marvel Phase 4 Future

Eternals Rumored to Introduce X-Men into the MCU BECOME A MEMBER For Exclusive Content! ▷▷ The Comic Book Cast is an online …



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  1. They can't just appear out of nowhere or come from somewhere in the multiverse starting from scratch after Sony's series of films, it's bad story telling and lazy planning, certainly won't make sense if Magneto and Xavier appear to be any other colour than white, if they go with the multiverse route then they need to explain red witch's and quicksilvers heritage

  2. I’d love for us to find out Wanda & Pietro we’re actually mutants. That’s why they were the only ones to survive Strykers experiments. As well as have Magneto father them, but due to his history, their mother never told them that the man they grew up with, isn’t their real father.

  3. Why do you keep saying ‘The Mutants’. Do you mean X-Men? Do you have a problem with saying X-Men? Will Marvel change the name from X-Men to ‘The Mutants’ to be more politically correct? Is this the M-She-U that you’ve been waiting for?

    I feel sorry for your mother…🤮

  4. As soon as I saw the title I was thinking that the externals would be the source of the x gene. Like maybe some of these eternals would have babies with humans or create genetically manipulated superhumans. Never was familiar with eternals in the comics but this all makes sense to me now

  5. I'd like to see them throw an easter egg of Apocalypse in egypt since he's the first known mutant but if the black knight is in it, then the movie will probably take place between the 12th century and today. You could say the black knight is a mutant but that'd change comics, though since the mcu isn't main earth it may be allowed(mcu is earth-199999 not 616)

  6. I think there will be hints of them introducing the mutants but i dont think we will see any of our main X-men! This will be the in road for mutants

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