Endgame Easter Egg! Howard Stark's Secret ZOLA Project Theory!

Avengers Endgame Zola Easter Egg revealed! What was Howard Stark’s mystery plan with Dr. Arnim Zola, and how could it blow open a dark truth about Tony …



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  1. You totally missed it! Tony Stark does have a brother that he didnt know about… BUT he has already been in a number of Movies. He's even named after Tony's dad…. Hes been right under our beaks the whole time!!! Yes Howard The Duck!!!! Or should I say Iron Duck 3000!!!

  2. could just have been that the timing is off due to their messing with timelines…. there's always going to be stuff that happened from Loki's disappearance and messing around as well…

  3. Only problem with that theory about Tony being adopted in the MCU is that endgame finished his arc leading to RDJ being completely done with the MCU. Having a sibling would completely change that almost forcing RDJ to come back to the MCU and somehow bringing Tony Stark back to life. I'm pretty sure all the scene was is Howard needed him for something but Zola wasn't around and nothing to do with a secret project. Sometimes a piece of paper is just a piece of paper.

  4. Can't Tony just be amazed that he's talking to his dad about the impending birth and how enchanting it would be to talk about it and your already there, BUT can't say. That's why Tony is pulling faces.

  5. Maybe it was just Tony remembering the exact scenario from the time Pepper was about to pop. Could be something along the lines of a “omg do all women crave sauerkraut whilst pregnant” kind of thought process. Probably not, but he’s out now, so we may never find out…. Unless we get a CGI’d life and times of Tony Stark moment. RDJ is still a looker, but his 20 year old self had that unimaginably smooth skin…

  6. Okay I got a theory for you how about in the quantum time travel scenes there might be a part of us seeing Kang time traveling. I haven’t looked myself but what if since he probably uses it for time travel?

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