Disney has found huge success in adapting classic animated movies into live-action musicals, namely Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book and Aladdin. Other classic Disney film prepped for studio reimagining is The Little Mermaid and next spring’s Mulan.

With The Lion King (2019) just around the corner, it looks as though Disney is ramping up marketing on Mulan, with our first trailer and poster released during the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The film looks to be much more of a historically accurate and action-driven film, looking more like a period piece than the traditional live-action adaptations we have come to expect from Disney.

A few changes.

One noticeable change to the film is the absence of fan-favorite dragon and companion to Mulan: Mushu. Rumors from a few weeks back stated that the creatives behind the film had removed the iconic dragon guardian as well as the original songs from the 1998 classic animated film.

Disney’s remake of the much-beloved Chinese princess turned warrior Mulan offers a different, modern spin to the film. Dragon sidekick Mushu, originally voiced by Eddie Murphy, has reportedly been replaced with a phoenix during the early cut screening. It was not specified whether the phoenix will fill the same role as Mulan’s sidekick or something else.

Last February, Disney was supposedly eyeing comedy actor Kevin Hart (Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleThe Secret Life of Pets) to play the role of guardian Mushu. Nonetheless, the recent change in cast has been made as production moves forward.

Original soundtracks from the movie are still included in the remake; however, the cast won’t be singing them and they will just serve as instrumental background music. Some iconic songs from the classic film includes “Reflection” by Filipina international singer Lea Salonga and “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” by Donny Osmond.

Niki Caro, the director of the live-action Mulan, said in an interview last March 2017 that the remake will not be a musical movie. She said, “From what I understand, no songs right now, much to the horror of my children.”

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Caro cleared up that she has no idea where rumors of no songs in the movie are coming from. Furthermore, she concluded that they haven’t yet talked about the songs.

Sean Bailey, Disney’s production president, backed up that statement of Caro in March 2017, saying the movie is not intended to be musical.

Caro envisions her film Mulan as “big, girly martial arts epic” based off Chinese ballad and the original 1998 animated film. Starring Liu Yifei for the lead role, Mulan is set to hit theaters on March 27, 2020.

What do you think of our first look at Mulan? Are you okay with this new approach to Disney live action adaptations?

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