Loki fans get ready to get excited as Disney are finally starting their promotional trail for one of their upcoming streaming service’s original Marvel shows, the Loki live-action series.

At a recent Disney Investors Meeting, which seem to be
happening a lot recently particularly when talking about Disney+, Marvel
Cinematic Universe’s helmsman and true hero Kevin Feige presented to talk about
the upcoming series with the debut of it’s logo as well as a couple of teases
about the actual series.

While there was no teaser footage or clear promotional stills to speak of, the Loki logo was there as well as some concept art, which seemed to show the God of Mischief in a 1970s setting, judging by the poster for Jaws in the image as well as the styling and vehicle design being of that decade.

The Loki in the concept art, while not exactly looking
exactly like Tom Hiddleston, is definitely Adult Loki meaning the series will
most likely involve Tom Hiddleston in some way, most likely indicating that
this series will follow on from Loki’s antics in Avengers: Endgame when
the Avengers travelled back to the events of 2012’s The Avengers and this
time around Loki escaped New York with the Tesseract after being captured by
the Avengers but before Thor could take him and the Tesseract back to Asgard.

If this series does follow Loki on this new alternate
timeline, it could have some ramifications for the MCU going forward as Feige
has already stated that the Disney+ shows will be directly linked with
the Phase 4 movies. In the original timeline pre-Endgame, Loki died at the hands
of Thanos but now that time has effectively been changed, it opens the door up
for many possibilities particularly if Loki is still able to affect history.

Die-hard comic-book fans have also picked up on an Easter-Egg
within the Loki title, stating that it seems to adopt the same styling as
the comic-book miniseries Journey Into Mystery which featured Kid Loki
as a protagonist. The child version of Loki has already been hinted at for this
series and fans were hoping he would be taking centre stage.

With the series definitely being a period piece with the
potential of more time-travel, plus the fact that if this Loki is post-Endgame
Loki there’s potential to explore this new timeline, Feige and Disney+ have
just ramped up the anticipated of this series to an eleven.

No official release date has been announced yet, but the series
is slated for Disney+’s second year slate in 2020/2021.

Are you excited for the live-action Loki series?

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