Disney Plus Forcing Us to Subscribe ? | The Morning Post

Kevin Feige Says Marvel Fans Will Need to Watch Disney+ Series to Understand Future MCU Movies SUBSCRIBE TO THE ADAM POST SPEAKS YOUTUBE …



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  1. Not this girl.
    They can take their streaming nonsense and stick it.

    I'm done with Disney and anything they sell,own or produce.
    It's not a hard and fast boycott, but the choices they're making is helping me to just say no.

    The new woke trash, that's an Intersectional Venn diagram on film is a step too far for me.

    I don't trust Kevin Feige to undo this nonsense, because just judging from the comics, this way of thinking is institutionalized in the company itself.

  2. It's like what's happening in gaming right now with companies such as Bethesda Softworks. Corporate greed is killing everything with attempts to milk every property for all they can by charging you for pieces and parts rather than producing a complete quality product that can stand alone.

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