Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 iOS Trailer

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  1. This should be on android obviously I have an iphone but I want this on my tablet and my phone is an iphone 4 so 1 it would LAG HARD and 2 it's 3 gigs and my phone has 8

  2. Personally, I think I'll give this download a miss and I'd recommend doing the same, unless you have a whopping 3.8GB on your device, going spare. Never seen a mobile device game that big in filesize before and it quite simply, isn't worth the HDD usage.

  3. I just started playing the console version. I think the iOS version would be cool to have when you are just somewhere waiting in line. I wanna see some more of the figures though, that's what I like best about the game. They make nice display pieces.

  4. Disney thanks for making another Star Wars: Battlefield game. Please make a good Marvel game for Hardcore gamers as well. Granted Disney Infinity is pretty fun though. Imagine an Avengers vs X-Men fighting game. That would be awesome. 

  5. All your favorite Marvel heroes… execept the X-men & the Fantastic 4, because even we have the right to include in a video game, we don't want make gratious publicity to Fox.

    Yes we are that stupid!

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