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DC Comics seem to be following in the footsteps of All New Marvel Comics by changing their classic characters. Should we as fans be worried? Please …



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  1. "Introducing a more diverse cast of characters". Those characters have been in the mix for years, whether it's Katanna in various permutations of The Outsiders or Vixen and Black Lightning in Meltzers Justice League. What's being ignored is characters like the 3rd Crimson Avenger, Fatality, Cold Cast, the female Dr. Light, Connor Hawke, Grace Choi, etc. going unused for years at a time or being completely forgotten. But you can give Luke Fox the Batman mantle for a hot minute until it's time for him to go back to not having a title, so that's something and it'll do something long-term somehow. If Tynions handling the possible Luke situation, we'll probably get a few good stories out of it until it's time for Bruce to come out of his healing coma and bounce back from being written by Tom King

  2. You can't just replace Batman with anyone else. Bruce has trained his whole life to be Batman, you can't just stick someone else in the suit and have them know what to do. They would get murdered easily. This shit is dumb and makes absolutely no sense. This will be the end of DC Comics.

  3. I smell another Phew 52 idea again. If this is true it will fail. When are they going to learn to just tell good stories and quit all this experimental bull crap.

  4. Dan didio has no idea about comics. He’s been destroying dc comics for the past 10 years. Crisis after crisis, event after event, shake up after shake up. Everything he does turns dc to shit. How the hell does didio still have a job, if didio was working for an accounting firm or even working at Walmart or any other normal job he would have been fired 10 times over by now.

  5. This sounds like a desperation move. Didio has been damaging the DC brand for years and this looks like a sad, desperate attempt to "shake things up". If they think this will bring in new fans, they're as delusional as Marvel was when they tried it. Of course, it could be a weird hail mary to go all in when they know they are getting shut down.

  6. Hoping this isn't true.

    I don't think they will for a few reasons:

    People like Bruce Wayne and Batman fans are rabid/ there's a Batman movie coming

    Jonathan Kent can't be Superman because he'll be in the future with the Legion of Superheroes, right?

  7. well this not a good idea. Never bad idea to create legacy characters but always bad idea to replace your main super heroes. still they need introduce new characters because it bring in new fans. Sometimes new character do well if market them right. It also why find marvel more interesting because they are willing to try new things with new characters. It not some old some old all the time. also creating new characters is less risking because you still have main characters bring the money to keep you in black. It biggest risk to change you main characters because negatively impact sales in big way.

  8. So ANOTHER Crisis followed by All New DC Now…. It's a good thing that I only buy three or four comics from DC: that'll make it easier for me to drop them and wash my hands of this company once and for all.

  9. Price of books just keeps going up and up and if DC do this it may finally be my chnace to leave comics behind as i have no interest in their main characters if they're not going to be Bruce, Clark, Diana, Barry, Hal and so on.
    I'd accept Dick, Jason or Tim as the new Batman but not Luke Fox
    Same with Superman I'm happy with Conner or Jon but no one else
    Donna Troy, (real) Wally West, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Jessica Cruz are the nly acceptable options for me when it comes to Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern.
    well if it's new charcters just leeching of the original identity then i'll be waving goodbye to DC.
    My Pull list will only be amazing spider-man and x-men.

  10. Dan DiDio and Jim Lee seem hell-bent on burning this company to the ground. Getting rid of Rebirth wasn’t enough, dismantling Batman, Superman, Nightwing, Wally West, and the Titans wasn’t enough, they just need to dump more and more gasoline on the fire. Now, we have to get rid of all of the heroes that everyone has known for decades and replace them. MAYBE this will finally be enough gas. This is the New 52 2.0. Except this time, they won’t be saved. At least this will lighten a load on my wallet. Buying back issues is much more controllable than buy ongoing books.

  11. Personally in my opinion I would love Superboy Jonathan Samuel Kent being his little 10 year old self not aged up again to be his fathers age which Doesn’t work in my opinion

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