DC Comics' Hell Explained! Ft. MrCreepyPasta

DC Comics has all sorts of metaphysical realms including Dream, Nightmare, Heaven, and of course, Hell. From Lucifer to its cell phone service, let’s dive into its …



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  1. Fifty-five seconds in and I'm done. Why do all you young guys on YouTube think you're funny and/or with with your stupid personas, whether put on or not! Thought I was going to see an interesting video, and instead I get grown idiots!

  2. Honestly, the inconsistency of Cerberus in Hell I feel CAN be explained. Namely, they were pulling from the Divine Comedy. Within that book written by Dante Alighieri, Cerberus is said to be the guardian of the 3rd circle of hell, Gluttony, where sinners are punished by being forced to lie in vile slush from never-ending icy rain. The comic book panel you showed even has said characters encountering Cerberus in a blizzard.

  3. Comic Drake: "To steal, I kid you not, the love between the Flash and his wife, Linda…"

    Me: Huh… DC did One More Day before Marvel… and judging by how Wally and Linda were still together until the New 52… they did a better job at it…

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