DC Comics: Gorilla Grodd Origins

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  1. New subscriber. Really like your videos. I am a new comic book fan of both DC and Marvel, and it's extremely intimidating to get in to any comic as a new reader, because it's simply overwelming and very hard to tell what is canon, what is current canon, what happens when in what timeline – basically I have no idea where to start. Thanks a LOT for helping me understand important events and story arcs and character origins so I have an easier time getting into it all.
    You guys are great!

  2. Thanks for the information on Grodd. I hope you go more in depth with him someday because they seem to be making him into a big deal on the show and I don't know anything about him.
    Keep up the good work Rob and I look forward to you finishing Court of Owls.

  3. I think a lot of your recent videos lack depth. Although this focused mainly on origin stories I found your earlier work much more in depth and insightful. Made me want to learn more about the characters. This doesn't really get me excited about learning more about the character but that is just my two cents.

  4. So to start off i want to say that I love your channel. But, I will say there is one thing that kind of detracts from my experience.  It's not a huge deal but you say "and what we find out… and what this means… now what this tells us…" a lot.  You use this transition as a crutch way too often.  It makes your speech not flow well, since I hear the same phrase over and over it distracts me from the cool content that you offer.  Just some constructive criticism.  Once again I love the channel.

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