Black Widow's Bites DIY! | Marvel Mission

Not-So-Secret-Agents, your Marvel Mission was to recreate Black Widow’s Bites using only safe household items! Watch as Lorraine Cink highlights your …



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  1. Couple of years ago, I made some for a friend. Got a bunch of little dollar-store marker sets that tapered at both ends. Extracted the marker guts, glued the caps on, drilled holes, painted. Did exactly the same as Lorraine Cink, threaded with elastic.
    I work with a Dremel, and can carve many things, used some scraps of plexiglas to create the belt buckle, three pieces, the disc, the raised silver ring around it, and the red hourglass. (Painted accordingly, of course.)
    I know my way around the sewing machine, so I made dual (mirror-image symmetrical) holsters out of black denim, and they fit matching Airsoft pistols. They also have loops to fit aforementioned belt, lanyard cord to lash to the thigh, and closures to prevent the guns falling out.

  2. Thanks for your intructions of creates Black Widow bites, Lorraine. I would tell u that in 2016 I designed the Black Widow bites for my friend that I became her to cosplayer of Black Widow. It was good and cool. 🙂

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