Black Panther Interior by Laura Martin – Marvel Quickdraw

Watch as Laura Martin colors an interior page of Black Panther #13 featuring Storm! ▻ Subscribe to Marvel: Join Marvel Artists every …



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  1. Nice artwork still don't like the writer for the BlackPanther what a wasted opportunity especially when his popularity has never been so high as it is right now.

  2. Wow great job. I'm glad Taroro are back together, splitting up the biggest black couple in Marvel comics was a stupid ass decision and hopefully the person who chose to do that is employed elsewhere.

  3. i hope they keep panther out of storms love life. I hated when they were together. She was basically just his wife instead of one of the most powerful women and mutants in comics. It kind of sucked

  4. C'mon Fox give Marvel the rights to Storm or at least the name Ororo. Storm character wasn't good in X-Men movies, but to have Black Panther and Storm in the same movie, Marvel fans will lose their minds like we did with SpiderMan in Civil War…

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