Batman MUST be a POC! DC Comics replacing all their Superheroes | MUST promote diversity

DC Comics is planning a 5G reboot of their entire comic line according to several new outlets. Is this the beginning of the new NPC DC Comics or the end of …



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  1. Why does woke culture have to ruin our fun when THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE AN INTEREST IN THE THING!?
    They've ruined video games even though they don't play them, they've ruined comics even though they don't read them, they ruined Vic's life over FACTUALLY PROVED FALSE ACCUSATIONS, they'll probably be responsible for Joker not getting any Oscar nominations, and they've ruined comedy. WHY DON'T WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!? WE ARE LETTING THIS HAPPEN!

  2. how sad, well if all that shit what you say trully happens then im done with DC,
    stupid sjw waste of space mothafuckas,ill be going full manga then fuck D.C (Manga's dont have these kind of sicko's)

  3. wait wha?? But there's already Batwing, just show him more you don't need to change Bruce all of a sudden. Stop reworking your established characters into different ethnicities and focus on the actual diverse characters you already have. and then make brand new characters alongside them. You already brough Black Lightning back, now go get Static Shock, get Steel, and whoever else I'm missing, and then make new characters of different races. Put them in a situation where they have to save the older characters, give them a moment to shine.

  4. that crap will only flush down the toilet their IP and SJWeirdos… look at batwahman or captain marvel and compared them with jocker or venom, politics free.

  5. Isn't this what alt universes like Earth (insert number here) or Ultimate Marvel are for? To create alt versions and takes of established characters?

    Also, we have a black Batman. His name is Midnighter.

  6. More and more people are turning to manga instead of comics because the Japanese don't give a fuck about the sjw mob, while so many of these comics are going the woke route and failing. It's baffling how so many companies keep going the woke route when all you see is fail after fail. The entire entertainment industry just seems to be blind to what fans really want.

  7. The big 2 are dead. People don’t get it. It’s not that anyone is against POV or any other group characters it’s that it’s lazy to usurp the classics. Make new characters and try hard. The classics are classics now yes but once upon a time they were not…hell most were competing against other older characters or types of stories they were just generally better ideas and better written. Stop being lazy stop forcing feeding people crap. Come up with something new and cool. Sticking with my opening statement the big 2 are dead or dying.

  8. Bendis: Let me tell you what people want Diversity! I created Miles Morales and helped make Marvel what it is today.
    Jim Lee: You go Bendis! I know who Miles Morales is!

  9. See, I've downloaded comics over the years from less than savory places. Only X-Men though, as the person I get them from, has put the entire X-Men series including spin-offs into chronological order. However, Since I now have a great paying job, I've started getting actual physical copies of the comics, including the brand new stuff. It's actually what got me into comics, as I had no idea where to even begin. Started reading X-Men from the very beginning, and I love all the older stuff. The newer comics though, are really hit or miss and mostly it's a miss.

  10. 13 minute vid, I'm hit with 3 ads (all for The Hangrees). If you're demonetised, YT certainly seems to think you're advertiser friendly (this amount of ads is standard for any vid of yours I watch)

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