Batman gets oversized! DC Comics plans to rip off consumers and comic shops!

DC Comics is planning on changing all of their main characters! But don’t you worry, they’re going to give you over sized books that cost more! For $8 you can …



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  1. Hopefully the premium line gets solidified with the best talent and content. 5G will get cancelled, Bendis will get locked out of the building and his company Prius gets towed while he's at an interview with Black Mask.

  2. Who going to pay $7.99 for 8 pages of paper, no matter what was drawn on it?

    If they want to sell cheap comics then sell the cheap, put them out in black and white, hire the crappy artists and writers which they already have done and put them on the shelves for a dollar.

    PS: A 28 page book is 7 long sheets of paper each folded in the center to create 4 comic book pages. The Cover is just another sheet of the same paper, so you get the cover and 30 pages 8 of which are advertising

  3. Here's the scoop DC knows it's over. when they cancel the line they now have a scapegoat, prices, it's a way to avoid admitting the real reason they imploded,wokeness.

  4. This is why I read comics before this woke era came to be. These days I’m mostly reading manga. I mean, there are comics out there that aren’t woke like that Vampirella comic from Christopher Priest, who totally took down a PC interviewer, so preach to Priest on that

  5. I work at a card game store that also sells comics. Every Wednesday I put up the new comics and take down the old ones. I’d say in a 7day span, we sell not even half of that week’s comics. And the back issues keep piling up.

  6. Orbital is to stop selling new comics? That is hilarious. How bad have woke Marvel and DC done to get to this point? Those comic book stores that haven't closed down due to unsellable product clogging the shelves are simply abandoning the comic book market to survive.
    Let me repeat that.

  7. This is what I think will happen:  5G will get their woke team for the cheaper price.  The Black Label will get the top tier for a high price.  The 5G will fail because the core audience will read Black Label.  The problem is that Black Label will narrow the market even further because it pushes the price point up.  When the 5G crew get cancelled, they will replace the Black Label crew and now we will pay an even higher price for total trash.  Then it will be dead.

    It is also possible that 5G will be the excuse to fire everyone who fails with their woke ideas, leaving only the best stuff left, but I sincerely doubt it.  They had plenty of opportunities to get rid of these people and didn't.

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