America has arrived on Marvel Quickdraw!

Watch as artist Joe Quinones brings a cover of America to life in a new episode of Marvel Quickdraw! ▻ Subscribe to Marvel: Join Marvel …



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  1. This is what happens to comics when all the middle aged veterans of foreign wars and family men that experienced life and love and tragedy are replaced with unhappy immature 20 something ideologues that hold themselves and everything around them in contempt.

  2. This character is just dumb and violent, exactly the type of stereotype that Hispanic women don't want to be represented as. Just because the author is the same skin color doesn't mean that she understands anything about that culture, it is ridiculous to assume that. That's like saying that all Asians know martial arts, all black people are from the hood, and all white people are hillbillies, culture and ethnicity are different. This violent 'I'll stab a bitch' mentality is how racist outsiders view our culture, so why make that her main personality?

  3. Sod what others say, I really like America. A very interesting take on MAC, and I love the madness of her world. I mean, its set in a big multiverse university! Plus, we know what Storm's safe word is. Thats worth something.

  4. I like how "it's sjw" is all people can come up with to criticize this series. I really hope you realize the more you complain, the more Marvel is compelled to make the very thing you hate. You do realize this, right?

  5. How appropriate. A character that's called America is pretending to be something it isn't…

    Marvel ever heard the saying, put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig?

  6. Mr artist you seem like a good guy with talent. Get off this book and draw for … basically any other title/book/company. You'll thank me later in 5 years when everyone looks back at these gas leak drivel that is marvel comic's "diversity" titles today and doesnt see your name associated with this career killing book and its racist author.

  7. I wonder if anyone at Marvel Comics will read or take any of the comments seriously. They'll call you all trolls and continue to pander to a small minority who don't buy or read the books

  8. Literally no one in this comment section are saying why they think this is a bad comic just "cringy, feminist, sjw, diversity, pandering etc…" Must be sad when comic books dont pander to you anymore.

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