15 Actors Marvel Let Go For Serious Reasons

These MCU Actors Didn’t Last Long Subscribe to our channel: The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its obsessive eye for continuity, …



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  1. OMG I had no idea Samuel Stern becomes The Leader! I mean I remember watching the scene for the first time in the movie a few weeks ago but I was just like "I can't believe they left that plot open. I wanna see what he turns into and what his role will be" I had no idea he was the Leader but the name sounded familiar. Holy Crap! I can't believe that wasn't mentioned! Oh man that could have been so great for a plot. That's a shame!

  2. I declare this video Clickus Baitus. Other than terrence howard having problems with his wives ( reports of physical abuse), no serious reasons were given or inferred.

  3. I prefer Norton as Bruce Banner. He's a guy that looks like a pencil pushing nerd. You'd never suspect him because of that. Hell. The whole movie of Fight Club was him creating a 2nd identity with him imagining Brad Pitt as himself because he just doesn't think of himself as cool enough to do what his 2nd identity does.

    Mark Ruffalo just looks like a guy that could be a pirate or a school coach. He doesn't scream scientist nerd that experimented on himself with gamma radiation to me.

  4. What's up with that bit about Terrance Howard and domestic violence. What purpose did adding that at the end serve? Feels like a thought someone started and never finished.

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